fundamentals of cosmetic tattooing


Our 3-day 1:1 training program is designed for everyone, whether you're just starting your journey in the world of permanent makeup or you're already familiar with the basics. This comprehensive fundamentals training can give you the perfect kick start to your new career or help you revisit and reinforce your knowledge in areas that might have been overlooked elsewhere. I'm here to support you at every level.

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Once you've inquired,  Natascha will work closely with you to find a date and time that fits both of your schedules.

Natascha's commitment to your success doesn't end with the training. You will have access to continued support  to help you grow + succeed in your career. This support can include follow-up sessions, mentorship, and resources to keep you updated. You can view these opportunities, here.

5 - on going support

The training itself will be an intensive 3-day program. During this time, you'll receive hands-on instruction and practical guidance from Natascha to build or enhance your skills.

4 - training time

We will work with you to find suitable dates for your training. A 35% non-refundable deposit will be required to lock in your chosen dates, ensuring your commitment. We'll make sure the schedule aligns with your availability.

3 - scheduling

You + Natascha will have an initial conversation to assess your needs + evaluate your experience level. This step is crucial in helping her tailor the training to your specific requirements, ensuring you get the most out of your training experience.

2 - initial assessment

Begin by expressing your interest in the training. You can do this through our website, email, or by sending us a direct message on instagram.

We're excited to hear from you and kickstart this journey together.

1 - inquire about our training

How it Works:

frequently asked questions:

what's included in my kit?

This kit includes all the necessary items to practice and refine your skills as an artist, ensuring you have the tools you need to succeed. Your kit will have a training manual, a machine, needles, pigment, and practice latex.

what does this training cover?

This training covers various aspects of permanent makeup and cosmetic tattooing, including technique, safety, client consultation, pigment + machine theory, and more. You'll receive detailed information during the training.

Where do you recommend i receive my bbp certification?

There are multiple sites that offer an online class. A few common sites that offer them are Redcross and OSHA.


In short, nope! In the state of North Carolina, having a cosmetologist or esthetician license is not a requirement to perform permanent make-up or cosmetic tattooing. You only need a Tattooing Permit.