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A Message from Natascha:

Hey there! I'm the brains and creative force behind Inkvictus Studios, and I must say, my journey to reach this point has been quite an adventure. College dropout? Check. A time in various industries like finance, graphic design, photography, nannying, and even drafting? You bet.

As time passed, it became evident that my ultimate career goal was always centered around crafting a place where people could authentically experience the love, safety, inclusivity, + respect they rightfully deserved (while still giving my artistic side the opportunity to flourish :P). And then, as fate would have it, I discovered the realm of cosmetic tattooing, which led me to business ownership, enabling me to achieve both aims.

As I grew, my vision was simple: to build a close-knit team that not only excelled in their artistry but also received an abundance of love + support. My goal was to unite us under a shared mission, one that focused on delivering top-tier work while nurturing authentic connections among our team + valued clients. We’d ensure clients received exceptional service + provide our artists with opportunities to learn, grow, + thrive. I'm thrilled to say that's exactly what Inkvictus has become, and I couldn't be prouder.

It wasn't a smooth ride, I'll admit. There was a lot of trial and error, countless late nights spent researching and crunching numbers, and a steep learning curve as a first-time business owner + boss. But now, with four+ years under my belt, I’ve chosen to reshape Inkvictus to create a place where more artists (as I believe all service providers are artists in their own right) can operate their businesses with the backing of our established systems. This will grant artists the opportunity to be part of a well-known brand + community, they can take pride in, while retaining their independence. This reshaping is designed to allow artists to fully embrace the freedom, flexibility, + income potential of self-employment without sacrificing the support, resources, or collaborative spirit typically associated with established studios.

I can say with confidence that Inkvictus was always envisioned as a safe haven, both for our valued clients and our talented artists. I'm truly delighted to see that vision continue to thrive and come to life.

 + schedule flexibility, full and part time positions available, + competitive un-capped pay to fit your needs + goals

+ independence to choose your services + how you price them (as long as they’re within reason)

+ medical grade cleaning products + disposable materials are provided to alleviate one more concern from your plate. you are responsible for the specifics of your sessions/ appointments

+ hassle-free scheduling software offering 24/7 online booking, client organization, intake form collection, + direct texting through our business line ( + a CC who handles on incoming inquiries)

+ merchant services that makes it easy peasy to handle deposits, check-out clients, and receive gratuities.

+ a custom page on a high SEO website, as well as select promotional materials to help advertise yourself + your services

+ personal consulting and mentorship in art, business, and social media - without the over-your-shoulder micromanagement

What's Included:

+ Premium Canva Account Access
+ Client Snacks/ Beverages
+ Photo Studio Set-Up w/ Lighting
+ Quarterly Branding Photo Shoots
+ Quarterly Brunches
+ Networking Opportunities
+ Partnership Based Service Discounts
+ Studio insurance for added peace of mind, safeguarding both clients + staff


Def Read this! ;)

creating a warm + inclusive environment where individuals not only experience safety but also find a sense of belonging.

what we are all about

Prioritizing transparency in all our processes + techniques while upholding ethical practices + integrity

Fostering a community of collaboration + innovation, where every voice is valued + empowered to contribute to our shared goals.

You're not just hired; you're now part of the i.s. family. It's a time to let your hair down, be yourself, + enjoy being a part of this one-of-a-kind community. We're so happy to have you!

6 - welcome to our community

you're officially live + ready to accept clients. You'll dive into your tasks, collaborate with your colleagues, + create amazing work. 

5 - let's rock-n-roll!

You're in! Time for orientation where you'll get your systems set up, design your pages, + even receive snazzy business cards.

4 - join the club

Meet the whole gang in a team interview, just to see if we all jive together! It's a chance to ensure that you not only fit the role but also the team.

3 - The Gang's all here

We like your vibe, so lets have a casual little chat – like a friendly coffee date. You'll even get a sneak peek of the studio + absorb the funky vibes.

2- chat time

Fill out the form below + let us know everything about you, the services you intend to offer, your ideal work environment, + anything else you think we should know!

1 - apply below

How it Works:


There is a weekly studio usage fee, paid bi-weekly or monthly,  with a small commission cut from each service completed. Full transparency, the commision cut goes back into the business in order to market I.S. as well as arrange business + technical education, + other business/ employee luxuries. We all give back to our community.

Team members are paid 2x a month.

Currently: Cosmetic Tattooists, Lash Artists/ Non-Permanent Brow Artists (henna, waxing, laminations), Piercers, Estheticians, Traditional Tattoo Artists.

We're happily open to other's outside of cosmetic tattooing that can help grow and provide support in the I.S. community!

At this time, we cannot accept applications for Hairstylists, Barbers, or Nail Techs.

Yes, depending on your goals + needs, and as long as it's mutually beneficial to our team, both full + part time opportunites exist.

Who can apply?

Are there full + part time positions?

what is the pay structure?

you believe in making a change in the lives of the people you come in contact with. you believe in creating art with a lasting impact on your clients. you believe  in a nurturing, transparent community of artists, where growth, love, integrity, inclusivity, + mutual support are the guiding principles  translated into every interaction, every day.

IF you believe in what Inkvictus was rooted in, you may just belong here.

why inkvictus studios?