By booking an appointment at Inkvictus Studios, you affirm that you have read and fully understand all policies and restrictions in place. Additionally, you agree to pay the full specified amount at the time of booking and accept responsibility for any fees incurred due to non-compliance with our policies.

our policies are all about keeping things safe and smooth for everyone. They're not meant to be a hassle, but rather a way to make sure both you + our team are in good hands. Additionally, they help us make sure our artists' time and effort are valued, compensating them for any lost wages along the way.
please understand these fees are non-negotiable.

*Booking Deposits:
- To secure your appointment, we require a 20% deposit for tattoos and a 50% deposit for lashes. This deposit is non-refundable and goes toward your final service(s) cost.

**Complimentary Consultations:
- When scheduling a complimentary consultation, we'll need your credit card details. Failure to attend your consultation without notice will result in a $50 no-show fee and prevent future bookings.

**Payment Methods:
- We accept cash and major credit cards, but not personal checks, Venmo, or CashApp.

- Appointments can be rescheduled up to 48 hours before the appointment time. A deposit is only transferable if the appointment is rescheduled before the 48-hour mark.

**Running Late:
- We have a strict 15-minute rule to respect our artists' schedules. If you arrive late, your appointment will be cancelled, and the Day-of Cancellation fee as well as a new deposit must be paid to get back on the artist's schedule.

**Within 48-hour Rescheduling/Cancellation:
- Appointments cancelled or rescheduled within 48 hours of their appointment time will forfeit the initial deposit, requiring a new deposit for a new appointment.

** Day of Rescheduling/ Cancellation:
- Missed appointments, late arrivals, and appointments canceled or rescheduled on the appointment day will result in a 100% of the service cost fee (deposit included). This policy also applies when a service cannot be completed due to contraindications being found or pre-care instructions.

**Complimentary Touch-up:
- Initial tattoo sessions include a complimentary touch-up, which must be scheduled within 12 weeks. Less than 48-hour notice for rescheduling/ cancelling will forfeit the complimentary touch-up, incurring a $150 cost to rebook. A no-show incurs a $150 charge the day of.

**Prior Tattoo Work:
- Assessing prior tattoo work will be handled on a case-by-case basis. We require an in-person consultation with Natascha to determine if corrections or enhancements are possible. Please be aware that results cannot be guaranteed for corrected or cover-up work.

**Recommendation for Dark or Discolored Tattoos:
- If your previous tattoo is excessively dark, discolored, or misshapen, we strongly advise considering tattoo removal before scheduling an appointment.

**Consultation Requirement:
- It's crucial to note that we will not perform a service if you have prior tattoo work, and an in-person consultation has not been completed in advance. In such cases, a 50% charge of the total cost (including the prepaid deposit) will be applied, and a new appointment (with a new deposit) will be necessary.

Cancellations, Reschedules, Tardiness, + Deposit

Prior or corrective work

Please review these restrictions to ensure you are eligible for our services. Your safety and satisfaction are our priorities.

**Age Limit: We are unable to tattoo anyone under the age of 18.

**Pregnancy and Nursing: We do not perform tattoos on pregnant or nursing individuals.

**Accutane and Acne Creams: Clients who have used Accutane within the past year or are currently using prescribed acne cream are not eligible for tattooing.

**Lash Growth Serum: Eyeliner tattooing is not recommended for those using Latisse or any other lash growth serum within the last 3 months.

**Botox and Laser Treatments: Clients who receive Botox treatments or laser skin treatments should schedule their tattoo appointment at least 6 weeks after their most recent treatment.

**Chemotherapy Patients: Chemotherapy patients need to wait six weeks after their last treatment or get tattooed before starting chemotherapy.

**Heart Conditions: Individuals with a mitral valve or prolapse valve, or any other heart problems, must provide a doctor's note prior to their appointment.

**Autoimmune Diseases and Diabetes: Clients with certain autoimmune diseases may be ineligible for cosmetic tattooing. Diabetics need a doctor's note before their appointment. Clients on antibiotics may be turned away depending on the reason for medication use.

**Blood-Thinning Medication: Clients must avoid blood-thinning medication for 72 hours before the procedure, and it is advised to consult a doctor before stopping any medication.

**Keloids and Hypertrophic Scars: Clients who develop keloids or have a history of hypertrophic scars are not ideal candidates for cosmetic tattooing.


**Children: For safety reasons and in accordance with NC law, please refrain from bringing children with you to your appointment. Children are not allowed to enter the studio premises or wait outside. Non-Compliance will result in the cancellation of your appointment and cancellations fees incurred. 

**Guests aged 18 and Above: are not permitted in the stations but are welcome to relax on our comfortable couch while they wait.