Hallie Lindamood

community coordinator

HEY y’all! whether it’s through social media dm’s, email, phone, or around the studio, the best part of my day is getting to chat with you! while i’m not a service providing team member at i.s. (you’ll thank me for that!), I'm thorough in the education behind all our processes, services, + policies so that I can pass that knowledge onto you.

I'm passionate about the beauty industry and look forward to meeting the faces behind the businesses and in front. I thrive on sharing ideas with others and fully stand by my belief in the power of collaboration. 

i graduated from Appalachian state (roll ‘neers!) with a b.s. in communications focused in advertising. i’m a creative soul with a passion for branding, social media, marketing, strategy, + pop culture.

as competitive as the marketing industry is, inkvictus has been the perfect haven for me to not only challenge myself + my abilities to effectively innovate, but also allow me to connect with others in a way that genuinely means something to us both. The Inkvictus crew means the world to me and I’m blessed to play a role in helping artists, clients, + partners find a place where they belong.

when i’m not at the studio, you’ll find me catching up on shows, movies, books, all the media! or, heading out for a day trip with my husband. I’m a spontaneous soul that is always up for an adventure! If it isn’t one of those two, I’m definitely hidden in a thrift store scouting out my next graphic tee find. 

If you ever need anything or have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out - it’ll most likely be me responding. 

the sassy one

i am here for you, client, artist, and partner.

Whether you need further insights about our services, seek guidance on integrating into the vibrant I.S. community, or simply crave support from our team, I'm here for you. At Inkvictus, my mission revolves around amplifying the voices within our community through compelling content creation and continuous engagement. Your success as both an artist and a partner, and your confidence as a client, are paramount to me, regardless of who you are.

I curate the content for our studio page, see it here!



i am a sitcom fanatic, and can chat with you for hours on anything from parks + rec, to community, to superstore + beyond.

I’ve been considered a walking IMDb - I’m the person you want around if you’re having trouble figuring out what else you’ve seen that celebrity in

i thoroughly enjoy going on adventures finding hole-in-the-wall restaurants to try, as it’s a great way to support local while enjoying high quality, creative grub!

Music is my lifeline, + my taste in genres ranges anywhere from 70’s disco, to 90’s grunge rock, to current hits. I’m up to make a playlist or chat about music anytime!

i actually grew up a dog person until meeting my husband, who grew up a cat person. as fate has it, we now share a cutie black cat who i wouldn’t trade the world for!

fun facts