You may have heard of a new trend popping up amongst salons and beauty influencers called “brow lamination.” Sounds intense – what actually is a brow lamination? 
Just like how a lash lift + tint is a perm for your lashes, brow lamination is a 3-step process that is essentially a relaxing treatment for your brows! Rather than using solutions originally formulated for the hair on our heads, we use much milder products that are designed for use on the brows. Brow laminations help with unruly brow hairs and can help set them into place to give them a fuller and more uniform look!
Brow laminations are perfect for anyone whose natural brows: 
– have average to dense hair growth
– are unruly or ungovernable
– may be slightly misshapen or uneven
If your brows fall into any of these categories, brow lamination might be just the boost your brows need to semi-permanently transform them into new, well-groomed brows! 
Brow laminations can also be combined with a beautiful set of powder brows to create a fuller look! Sometimes when we map your ideal brow shape, there may be some gaps or patches in your natural brow growth. Laminating those hairs to lay flat and better fill the shape can beautifully walk hand-in-hand with your existing PMU. Take a peek at our Powder Brows service, here.
Getting your brows laminated can also be a great alternative to PMU if you aren’t quite ready for the commitment of powder brows or if the look isn’t for you! You could also couple it with a Shape + Stain which is a small commitment as well!
A tint can also be added to a brow lamination service if desired. The tint can last up to 7 days on the skin and 2-4 weeks on brow hairs, depending on skin and hair type. Your artist can custom mix a tint perfect for your natural coloring and undertones to boost a more defined, but still natural look.
Similar to lash lifts, brow laminations can last anywhere from 4-8 weeks, depending on a clients’ natural brow growth and hair – though some clients could potentially enjoy results for 10 weeks! To add brow laminations as a regular part of your grooming routine, we recommend coming in every 8 weeks.
When you come in for your brow lamination appointment, your artist will go over the process from start to finish, so you know what your artist is doing during each step, why each one is important, and how each step impacts the results we are looking for. 
Your artist will take their time and completely map your brows prior to the lamination, just as we do during a powder brows appointment. Our goal is to work with your existing brow shape to ensure we can create the most natural look possible while giving the illusion of fuller brows!
Once your brows are mapped to best suit your natural shape and features, your artist will apply three solutions:
Step 1 relaxes the hair bonds to more easily “mold” them to fill your mapped shape
Step 2 neutralizes the first solution and sets your brow hairs into the new shape and direction
Step 3 seals your brows with a protectant that imbues nourishment and regenerating properties back into the brows for 24-48 hours following the treatment
Timing for each solution is different and is based on the structure of your natural brows. For example, the timing for each solution on thin, sparse brows will be less than the timing on thick, coarse brows. It is important that we achieve the proper results for you without irritating your skin or overprocessing your brow hairs.
We request that you come in for your appointment with bare brows – no brow makeup, please! We don’t want to excessively scrub at your brows and irritate the skin right before we are about to apply the lamination solutions, as this will cause irritation to the skin and cause it to become overly sensitive.  
Just like with a lash lift, the aftercare for a brow lamination appointment is to avoid getting them wet for 24-48 hours, brushing your brows 2-4 times a day with a spoolie, no swimming/working out/saunas for 48 hours, and no scrubbing or rubbing your brows for 48 hours. Following all aftercare instructions is crucial to make sure the lift completely sets and you get the longest lifespan out of the treatment as possible.
If a tint is added to the lamination service, the aftercare includes all of the dos/don’ts above as well as avoiding using soap when washing your brows, as soap will cause the tint to fade faster! 
After the initial 24-48 hours and/or when the tint begins to fade, you can apply castor and/or argan oil to your brows (to help the growth of your natural brow hairs). Do not use any oils other than these as they will hasten the tint’s natural fading.
Your artist will also send you home with a brow lamination aftercare card, so if you are just so blinded by love for your new brows that you forget the steps, you can also look to it for a guide!
Feel free to reach out with any additional questions you might have about the brow lamination process. From ultra-natural + undetectable to glammed + groomed, we can’t wait to elevate your brows to their highest potential! 🖤

xo, Natascha Rautenberg

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