With so many differing opinions in the world of permanent makeup, it is important to dig through and get down to the facts! Here are the most common misconceptions (read: myths) that we have had the pleasure of debunking: 

1. Everyone is a candidate for the technique of microblading. 
This has got to be one of the most popular misconceptions that tends to be very controversial in our industry. Microblading is done with a small handheld tool in which little hair-like cuts are made in the skin and pigment is rubbed into those cuts. What not every artist will tell you is that this technique, even when performed exceptionally well, is truly only suitable for a very small percentage of the population and rarely ever holds up well long-term.

The repeated incisions in the skin (whether your skin makes you a good candidate or not) can, over time, create a buildup of oversaturated pigment (too much pigment) AND scar tissue. Typically, people that have a “dry to normal” skin type, have smaller pores, and a more youthful skin appearance are better candidates for microblading. If these skin characteristics don’t really apply to you, the color will most likely “fall out”, or leave you with minimal retention, which is not only a waste of your investment but also means your skin went through unnecessary trauma that it wasn’t a good candidate for in the first place.

Powder brows (the only technique we currently offer at Inkvictus Studios) are often a much more viable – and less traumatic – technique that uses a tattoo machine to create a powder makeup effect once healed. This technique is suitable for all skin types, including oily or combo, as well as those with more mature skin. 

2. You never ever have to wear makeup again after getting a cosmetic tattoo. 
Permanent makeup is meant to fade (lighten) over time. It is not meant to completely replace actual makeup and is NOT supposed to last forever! During a PMU session, pigment is implanted into a layer of skin that sheds in cycles, which results in the color “fading” over time. We as artists really want the PMU to be a guide for easy brow grooming as well as giving you a great stencil to add makeup to when you’re wanting a bolder look. Pigment that sits within the layers of your skin is never going to replicate the look of makeup, which sits on top of the skin.  

At Inkvictus Studios, we like to use the comparison of your new brow tattoo being the ~shadow~ of your “perfect” brows if they were structured, full, and dense. We also NEVER want to put too much pigment in the skin and risk oversaturation – read on for more on that in the next point! 

3. Touch-ups are needed every single year on the dot. 
Many, many, many artists like to tell their clients that they should be back for a touch-up as soon as six months after being initially tattooed, and then proceed to instruct them to return every few months after that. It’s *extremely* important to give your skin a break from the trauma of being tattooed while also allowing your skin to make room for more pigment. If we go in too often, and implant more pigment too soon, you risk scarring as well as oversaturation. Oversaturation = too much pigment in the skin = muddy/grey coloring (not cute) = most likely needing laser or saline removal to help break down the pigment as it can no longer be color corrected or worked with. Think of it like this: once a cup is full to the point of overflowing, nothing else you put in that cup is going to actually go in.

We recommend touch-ups when the pigment has faded at least 40-50%. For some clients, this can take up to three years – no joke! We want your PMU to look beautiful for a long, long time – trust that we have your skin’s best interest in mind. 

4. Brow shapes are universal, and one shape works on everyone. Break out the stencils! 
While it’s sometimes helpful to have a “goal photo” of a brow style you like to compare to, don’t hang all your hopes on it as that specific shape may not work for you! Brow shapes are 100% mapped and customized specifically for you, and you only – it is NOT a one-size-fits-all. Shaping depends heavily on your individual bone structure and the symmetry (or asymmetry!) of your beautiful face.

Your brow muscle activity, eye shape, and nose shape, as well as their placement within the ratios of your face also play a key role in what brow shape best suits you. When we map out your facial features, we want to ensure you are getting the best brow shape that compliments your unique features beautifully while also considering what will age the cleanest and most flattering. 

5. Just because someone has a tattoo permit and/or a cosmetic tattooing certification, that means they are ready to tattoo a face! 
We know we might sound like a broken record, but as “artists” who have taken online trainings and one- to two-day in-person classes seem to be popping up on every corner, as well as Tattoo Permits being incredibly easy to acquire in Wake County/North Carolina and only a reflection on the establishment (rather than the skills of the artist), it’s become unreliable to base an artist’s skillset solely on their certifications, licenses, or permits. We are tattooing faces – we are depositing pigment in the skin that can remain there permanently. Please take your time and do your due diligence when researching and determining which artist is best for you. 

These are just a FEW of the most common myths and misconceptions in our industry. Have any questions that we might not have answered? Please reach out! As we educate and inform our community, it’s so important for us at Inkvictus Studios to know that we are providing top tier facts and truly giving the best to our clients and their skin! Consultations are complimentary, book one today! We’d love to meet you! <3

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