Things to Consider When Looking to Get Your Brows Microbladed

Hi there! I’m Natascha Rautenberg, founder and cosmetic tattooist here at Inkvictus Studios! I opened Inkvictus back in 2019 and we specialize in the cosmetic tattooing of brows, eyes, and lips, as well as all things lashes. Interested in getting your brows microbladed or tattooed? Read on!

The time has come for a more ~serious~ post as most of the ones that I share are on the lighter side. But the more clients I meet and people I speak with, I realize there are certain things about different PMU techniques that are not as widely known to those outside of the industry, so here we go: 

Discussions surrounding microblading are controversial in our industry and, as many of my existing clients will tell you, it’s a technique I’m not terribly fond of. At all. Microblading uses a manual hand tool consisting of 18-20 tiny needles (can be compared to sort of a pen-shaped scalpel) to create hair-like strokes in the brow area that aim to increase the look of hair density. 

What most artists don’t tell you is that the repeated cuts/scratches/incisions in the brow area (or anywhere for that matter) over time can create permanent scar tissue, unevenness and inconsistencies in pigment, kill existing hair follicles, create oversaturation, and most commonly, produce less than desirable long-term results. The strokes that look beautiful and crisp immediately after the procedure is completed are usually not the strokes that you see months and years down the road. When clients come to us with existing microblading that they would like us to work over, frequently removal methods are recommended – which are not a quick, cheap, or easy fix. (Just ask me about MY microbladed brow removal process, I dare you.) 

Microblading is a startlingly easy thing to “pick up” and legally begin doing. With online classes and insufficient 2- and 3-day trainings constantly on the rise and with NO verified education required in NC, ANYONE can watch a 10-minute video and deem themselves worthy of performing the service. Add to that how easy it is to get a tattoo license in Wake County (which truly only verifies that the location is suitable for tattooing, NOT that the artist themselves is capable), trusting a “licensed professional” isn’t the safest bet either. 

Not only this, but it’s not as simple as dipping the tool in pigment and depositing it into the skin. Brow shaping is important, the amount of pigment we put in the skin is important, and the depth at which we put that pigment is important. It’s our job as professionals to enhance our clients’ appearance – not to compete with or take away from it. Color theory, pigment modification, and proper implanting depth is CRUCIAL to the final and healed results of the tattoo too. 

Finally and of course, we can NEVER forget proper hygiene, sanitation, cleanliness, and our responsibility as artists of preventing the spread of bloodborne pathogens. As tattooing does break the skin barrier, even if you don’t *bleed*, you are immediately opening the skin to risks. In-home studios are NOT held to the same standards by the Department of Health as public studios – and as a matter of fact, in-home studios are ILLEGAL in NC (and many other states). 

While we are fully aware that everyone must start somewhere in this industry, there are proper ways to get to a point where you are truly, truly confident in tattooing someone’s face. A short class (even a week-long class) is undoubtedly not enough time to be fully equipped to bear that responsibility. 

To any future artists out there, I am more than happy to sit down and have a conversation about the steps I took to create the career that I have. I’m ALWAYS here to answer any questions about this industry. I am the first to admit that I do not know everything, but I care about this industry more than anything. It’s ALWAYS quality, consistency, and safety before anything else. 

To future PMU clients (ours or not), I am equally more than happy to sit down and discuss the various options and why I choose one thing over another. I tell every single client that your skin’s health in the long term is a top priority and that it’s not just about how things look right now, but we have to consider years down the line as well. We always have YOUR best interest in mind, and that’s why we choose the less-invasive technique of machine powder brows at Inkvictus Studios.

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