Ya girl has busted her ass over the last year+ and I’m thrilled to finally introduce *Inkvictus Inkstitute*!

Starting in April ‘23, I’ll begin training individuals of all experience levels, who want to grow their skills as a cosmetic tattooist starting with a full fundamentals course + power brows.

It’s been my goal to create a curriculum that not only focuses on the basics, but also the things other trainings are severely lacking! I’m overjoyed to provide a 90+ page manual that I hand-created which puts my brain into both illustrations and language that is easy to comprehend. Taking all my “aha!” moments, things I had to figure out the hard way, + specifics that became more evident over 100s of clients.

Classes will officially be live for booking on March 15, 2023 at 9:30AM. Class sizes will be small with 1-2 people depending on how dates get booked.

Class Agenda:

Day one will include theory ranging from hygiene + sanitation to skin anatomy to introducing machines to pigment theory and much more.
Day two will include a recap of the following day as well as latex practice + a full demo model service will be observed.
Day three will include more latex practice, reiteration of specific needs, + the student’s own model which will be supervised by myself.

I am so excited and truly can’t wait to provide my students with the highest quality of training I can possibly give + to continue being a resource for them long into their career.

xo, Natascha Rautenberg

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