2022 was an incredible year for Inkvictus Studios. We saw countless new (+ returning ) faces, added outstanding team members, and finally began feeling settled in our completed studio space. As we reflect on this year + are looking forward to the future of our industry, there are a few things I believe need to be said.

I’ve always been very vocal + transparent with our community (both clients + artists) about various trends, styles, techniques, and what really puts our clients’ best interests in mind. This won’t be any different.

It’s no secret the Triangle has become increasingly oversaturated (pardon the pun ) with up + coming tattooists looking to “get rich quick” in PMU. This has resulted in something of a glut in our industry, and the dilution of quality coupled with the ever-climbing price points we see are a direct reflection of that. This has not and will NEVER sit right with me.

In 2019, when Inkvictus was founded, the landscape of PMU was vastly different + a service was undoubtedly considered a luxury. This is no longer the case, and it is my belief that to continue raising our prices purely to keep pace is unfair + discouraging to those who may feel priced out of this market. A core principle when building IS was the idea that EVERYONE deserves to feel beautiful + confident about themselves – not only those with a surplus of disposable income.

This is all to say that starting today, January 2nd, 2023, all pricing for cosmetic tattoos has been adjusted to better align with our values + what we feel you all deserve. All clients looking to book a future session, as of today, will see each of our artists’ updated service costs on our website’s Services page.

Not that it needs saying, but simply because our pricing has been altered, the level of care + quality you can expect from Inkvictus Studios (both in artist technique + client experience) will not change. We will always give 110% to each client + service, just as we always have.

I humbly thank you all for being a part of Inkvictus’s success. The team + I look forward to continuing to Cultivate Confidence in 2023 just as we have for the last 3+ years 🖤 

xo, Natascha Rautenberg

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