So, we’ve got something important to talk about today—microblading. I know we bring it up a lot, but we have strong opinions on the technique of Microblading and feel it only appropriate to constantly educate the public on the service.  You know we’re all about delivering the best in permanent makeup techniques so, of course, you won’t find microblading on our menu, and we’ve got some pretty good reasons for that. So, read on to learn why we’ve chosen a different path at Inkvictus.

A Gentle Approach to Brow Beauty
At Inkvictus Studios, we prioritize the health and well-being of our clients’ skin. Microblading, while popular, involves using a handheld tool with tiny blades that make small incisions in the skin. We’ve chosen a gentler technique called powder brows, which uses a shading method to achieve stunning results without compromising the integrity of the skin. It’s all about keeping your brows fabulous and, most importantly, your skin happy!

Long-Term Results That Last
We believe in long-term happiness, not quick fixes. Microblading can produce more immediate hair-like textured results, but they may fade faster, or not at all,  due to the superficial nature of the technique and the amount of pigment being deposited into the skin. Our focus is on creating powder brows that stand the test of time, but in a clean and healthy way. By layering and shading the pigment, we achieve beautiful, long-lasting results that age gracefully and are much easier on the skin to maintain.

Embracing Skin Diversity
Every individual’s skin is unique, and what works for one may not work for another. Microblading relies on creating precise strokes, which can pose challenges for certain skin types, such as oily or mature skin. Powder brows, on the other hand, offer versatility and can be tailored to suit various skin textures, ensuring a more inclusive approach to permanent makeup for all our clients.

A Commitment to Safety and Comfort
Your safety and comfort are our top priorities. While microblading can involve more discomfort and longer healing times due to the nature of the technique, powder brows offer a gentler experience. With our shading method, the process is generally more comfortable, and the healing time is typically shorter. We want you to enjoy your journey to beautiful brows without unnecessary discomfort or extended downtime.

Celebrating the Inkvictus Difference
We’re all about doing things differently and standing out from the crowd. We’ve carefully chosen our techniques to align with our core values of skin health, long-lasting results, inclusivity, and client comfort. Our artists are passionate about their craft and are dedicated to providing you with the best in permanent makeup experiences. It’s the Inkvictus way, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! 😜

While microblading has gained popularity in the world of brows, at Inkvictus Studios, we’re committed to offering you something different, something better. Our choice to focus on powder brows stems from our dedication to your skin’s health, long-term happiness, and a comfortable experience. We celebrate the diversity of skin and prioritize safety in everything we do. So, join us on this brow journey and experience the Inkvictus difference. Gorgeous powder brows await you, and we can’t wait to create them with you! 

xo, Natascha Rautenberg

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