So, you took the plunge and got yourself some fabulous permanent makeup. You’ve leveled up your brow, lip, or lash line game, and now it’s time to ensure that your fresh tattoo heals stunningly. That’s where aftercare comes in, my friend! Here’s the list on why proper aftercare is incredibly crucial when it comes to the long-term heal of your permanent makeup.

1. Protect Your Investment:

We have to start this list off with the investment side of things! Think of your fresh cosmetic tattoo as a work of art. You wouldn’t leave a precious painting out in the rain, would you? Nah! Proper aftercare is like a shield for your investment, ensuring that your stunning new look lasts longer and stays vibrant.

2. Say No to Moisture:

We love a good splash, but not when it comes to your fresh permanent makeup. Avoid moisture like the plague for a few days after your session. No swimming pools, saunas, or sweaty workouts. Keep that tattoo dry and happy, babe! When in the shower, be mindful of water being sprayed directly on the tattoo. If you can’t avoid a good workout, keep a towel nearby to damp the excess sweat often!

3. Hands Off, No Picking!

We get it, your new permanent makeup is amazing and you can’t stop admiring it. But resist the urge to touch or pick at it! Let the healing process do its thing without any interference. The pigment will thank you for it. Anything pulled off the skin prematurely can equal a patchy, inconsistent heal – not good!

4. Sun Smarts:

Sun-kissed skin is great, but not when it comes to your fresh permanent makeup. Those harmful UV rays can fade your pigment fast! Protect  your work with some good ol’ sun smarts – rock that wide-brimmed hat, slather on some SPF (after the first two weeks), and keep the pigment looking fresh.

5. No Makeup for a While:

Give your skin a break from makeup, especially around the area where you got your permanent makeup done. Let the tattoo breathe and heal without any added product. Make-up or other skin care products can change the color of the pigment, pull it out, or risk infection – not worth  at all. Wait at least two weeks before applying anything to the area.

6. Moisturize with Care:

Dry skin is not your friend when it comes to permanent makeup. Keep your new tattoo looking lush and hydrated by using the gentle, non-irritating moisturizer. Opt for fragrance-free options and avoid anything that could potentially irritate your skin. We supply our client’s with both a moisturizer and cleanser in our aftercare kits! 😉

7. Listen to the Pros:

Your permanent makeup artist is like your fairy godmother of tattoos, guiding you towards perfect healed results (I always joke my clients are a walking billboard and I want my work perfect). So, listen to their aftercare instructions, follow them to the letter, and reach out if you have any questions or concerns. They should have your back, if they don’t.. that’s a problem.

Congratulations, you gorgeous human! You’ve taken the plunge into the world of permanent makeup, and with proper aftercare, you’re destined to rock your fabulous new look! Remember, aftercare is the key to preserving your investment and keeping your tattoo looking flawless for longer. Protect, pamper, and follow the guidance of your permanent makeup artist. At Inkvictus Studios, we’re here to support you on your journey! Embrace the aftercare routine, show your new tattoo some love, and get ready to flaunt your new tattoos! Ready to dive in? Book an appointment here.

xo, Natascha Rautenberg

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