Great question, and one that everyone asks! It’s easiest to break down the kinds of extensions into “types” and “styles”. The “types” of full sets of lash extensions we offer here at Inkvictus include Classics, Volumes, and Hybrids. Once you choose a type, each one is then customizable down to the length, weight, and “style” of extensions! 

Types of lashes include:
· Classics: these are the most natural type of full set we offer. Classic lashes are applied 1:1 (one single lash extension to one natural lash). If you have natural gaps in your lash line, this set isn’t for your lashes, as you’ll want to fill in those gaps (see Volumes and Hybrids below).

Classic lashes come in different weights, for even those tiniest baby lashes without overwhelming them, and also come in different curls: C curl and D curl are some of my favorite to use! C curl lashes create an ultra-natural look, while D lashes create more of a dramatic pop!

A Classic full set is perfect for an everyday look or for a special occasion when you’re only looking for a little boost. One of our most popular full set options!

· Volumes: these create more of a bold, dramatic look. This type of full set only has “fans” of lashes (multiple lash extensions to one base) which give a dark and fluffy look, as well as boosting the depth of your lash line. If you like to up the drama with your lashes, this type of full set is for you!

Volume lash curl types come in D curl only, since we’re wanting that dramatic pop, and can come in anywhere from 2D-10D and up (mega volume territory!). This means more lashes to one base, which = a fluffier, fuller look. Here at Inkvictus, we primarily use 3D and 6D lashes to give dimension within the full set as well as give attention to even the baby lashes. 

· Hybrids: true to their name, hybrid lashes are a wonderful mixture of Volumes and Classics. This gives the full set wispiness and fluffiness but still ups the drama a bit with a dark lash line, which can easily be for an everyday look or just a special occasion! This is the second most popular type of full set out of the three (and personally, my favorite look!).

Hybrid full sets are typically made with C curl Classic lashes as well as D curl Volume lashes. The Classics bring the wispy fluff, and the Volumes come in to add a dramatic pop!

Now that you’ve picked a type of full lash set, my next question is always “What style were you thinking of today?” The most common styles of lash extensions are Doll Eye, Cat Eye, Open Eye, and Natural. Let’s break those down: 

· Doll Eye: Longer lashes in the middle of the lash line paired with smaller lashes on the outer and inner corners. This opens up the eyes and gives a “baby doll” appearance, while also making eyes appear closer together, more open, and even bigger! This is one of the most requested styles. 
Best for: Wide set eyes, smaller set eyes

· Cat Eye: Shorter lashes in the inner corners to dramatically longer lashes on the outer corners that create a swoop at the end, giving the eyes a bit of drama! The Cat Eye style doesn’t technically suit many people’s natural eye shapes, as the extra length at the end can draw eyes further apart and can sometimes give the eyes a sad appearance (but read on to the next style if you think this is you!). However even with that, this is another one of the most popular styles! 
Best for: Close set eyes, lashes that naturally grow upwards, almond shape eyes with naturally lifted outer corners

· Open Eye (also newly known as Squirrel Eye): Lashes in the inner and outer corners will always be the same length and the longest lengths are centered from the iris to the arch of the brow. This style is basically great for anyone, since this is a similar pattern to how natural lashes grow but just not the way they look! 
Best for: Clients who want the Cat Eye look but can’t because of their eye shape (hooded/droopy eyes). With these eye shapes, heavily lashed outer corners would make the eyes look sad. But with the Open Eye style, you get the sexy flick at the end of the full set while also keeping the outer corners nicely lifted, giving no sad expressions! 

· Natural: True to name, Natural style lashes mimic the natural lash line in a way to give the client a subtle, every day, out the door look! Lash lengths are gradual from shorter to longer as we reach the outer corners. Cat Eye and Natural are similar in style, with the biggest difference being that Naturals are a gradual length increase from inner to outer corner while Cat Eye is more dramatic. 
Best for: Naturals are great for everyone! The style is versatile and an excellent start for anyone who is new to extensions! If you’re unsure where to begin, you never go wrong with Naturals as a first full set – then at your fill-in appointment we can talk about what you did and didn’t like, and if you’d like to experiment with another style!

I hope this guide helps! If you’re still unsure what type and style lash extensions are right for you, we can figure it out together at your appointment 🙂 Whether you want an enhanced but classically natural appearance or you’re looking to dial up the drama, I can’t wait to work with you to make you feel your most beautiful! 

xo, Natascha Rautenberg

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