“Now talk to me about a lash lift and tint – what is that?” Every single one of us at Inkvictus Studios has received this exact question multiple times. Since having someone mess with your eyes can be scary, it can be nice to know what to expect – so I’m here to explain how this service goes!

A lash lift and tint is basically a perm for your lashes. It lifts and curls your lashes and tints them black (or brown, if you’d prefer) to really open your eyes and give them an “awake” look – bye-bye mascara! Adding the tint is optional, but we do recommend it so that you can really see the extent of the new lift!

When you arrive for your appointment, your artist will go over the process step by step and ask for any questions or concerns you may have. Since your eyes will be closed for the majority of the 60-minute service, we totally understand how important it is to know everything that’s going to take place. We will then start by taking photos of your lashes – both for documentation purposes but also so we can see the bomb transformation of your lashes before and after! Once the photos are taken, your artist will wash their hands and then the service will begin. 

We ask that you arrive for your appointment with clean skin, no added moisturizers, and no makeup – but if necessary, your artist will cleanse each eyelid and lashes with a mild cleanser before determining the appropriate shield size for your lash length. What is a shield, you ask? A shield is a silicone piece that fits with the shape of your closed eye. Each shield size has a different thickness and curvature, and the one we use for you is based on how long your lashes are; a larger, thicker shield goes with longer lashes, while a smaller, thinner shield would be for shorter lashes. It is important that we use the proper size shield for your lashes so that they look perfectly lifted and curled without being overlifted.

After laying down a gel pad to keep your lower lashes down and out of the way (we don’t want to lift those up!) and securing the selected shield to your upper eyelid with an adhesive, your lashes will be pulled up and glued onto the shield. This is the most tedious part because it’s very important to make sure that all of your lashes are going to be lifted super straight and aren’t crisscrossed. 

Next, your artist will apply the first “lift solution” that will go on all but the tips of your lashes. This will sit for 11-13 minutes depending on the strength of your lashes and how much of a lift is needed. The first solution’s job is to relax the hairs, just like a perm does for your hair! It does smell like a perm, so you may notice that telltale smell. During the last minute of the processing time, we will add the solution to the tips of your lashes. This is because the tips of your lashes are the most delicate part and leaving the solution on the ends for the entire time could overprocess them – and no one wants that!

Once the time is up, your artist will remove the lift solution and check to make sure everything is still nice and straight. The second “setting solution” does exactly that: sets your lashes in their new shape and tints them at the same time. Just like with the lift solution, the setting solution will also sit for 11-13 minutes except for the tips of the lashes. (If you do not want the tint, the setting solution can be applied to your lashes without mixing in the tint.) Again, during the last minute we will add the setting solution to the ends of your lashes. Once the time is up, the cleaning process begins! 

We have a plumping serum that will sit on your lashes for a few minutes. This will unstick the lashes from the silicone shield and add nutrients back into your lashes. We will gently wipe everything off your lashes and begin gently taking off the shield and gel pads. It is important to keep your eyes closed throughout this part so that we can make sure everything is clean. We will gently wipe through the lashes, lash line, and eyelid to remove any excess pigment from the tint and tacky residue from the adhesive. Once you’re all cleaned up, you can open your eyes so we can take a look at those beautiful, lifted lashes! We’ll finish by taking a few after photos and going over aftercare. 

The most important aftercare with a lash lift is to keep them dry for 24-48 hours after your appointment. As your lashes continue to dry and over the 12-15 hours after the lift is complete, they will continue to lift even more! Water will stop that process, so keeping them as dry as possible is important to see the full effect of the lift.

Some FAQs:

Can I still use my lash growth serum with a lash lift & tint?
Yes! However, we do ask that you stop using it at least 2 days before your appointment, because it can cause your eyelids to be extra sensitive. 

Do I need to take breaks from getting this service done? Will it damage my lashes if I don’t? 
Nope! Your artist is constantly checking on the health of your lashes every time you come in. Since we cannot let either solution sit for longer than 13 minutes, we do have timers to make sure we never go over time. Another big factor that could potentially damage your lashes would be coming in sooner than 6 weeks for another lift. We need to make sure we wait a minimum of 6 weeks before doing this service again. 

Do I need to take my contacts out?
Yes, please! Contacts make your eyes more sensitive. They will need to be taken out before the service starts. 

Can I still wear mascara with a lash lift & tint?
Absolutely – but you might not have to! A lash lift and tint will give you the look of one light coat of mascara. If you want a more voluminous look, you are more than welcome to add mascara to your lash lift. 

How long does this service last?
Lash lifts last for 6-8 weeks depending on your lash growth cycle. If this is your first lash lift, we recommend booking to come back in closer to the 7- to 8-week mark to ensure that your lashes stay healthy.

What is the cost of the service?
At Inkvictus Studios, the cost of a Lash Lift & Tint is $115. 

xo, Natascha Rautenberg

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